Lily Bear the only refugee in kos this year!!!


Ok so here goes, so far this year we have witnessed the devastation and damage that bad press and media coverage can cause. Yes it’s early in the season and yes the island is still preparing however Kos town is stil very very very quiet and people are worried.

Restaurants and shops are quiet, cafes and streets with only a handful of people. Last year Kos was dealt a tough hand when the refugee families started to arrive in large numbers. However as community they pulled together to try and put the situation right. They helped when they could, gave what they could and accompanied where they could. This was never publicised. What was published was images of how messed up everything was, images of men punching, shoving, shouting……women and children crying and messy dirty streets. Much of this was staged, people paid by reporters to make everything look worse. These pictures are of the police station and sea front, the same police station and seafront that were plastered all over the news last year as this is where the refugees had to go. So as you can see normality has returned however I fear that the damage has now been done as these images will NEVER be published by the press and for that reason this beautiful island will suffer. please feel free to share. Kos needs us to help now xxx




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